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Charcoal Chimney (about $10)

The charcoal chimney is an old-fashioned gadget that allows you to light charcoal without the use of fluid. It's a metal cylinder about 10 inches in diameter and 14 inches high. There's a handle (it gets hot!) and with a low shelf (just above the holes) for charcoal.

You stuff a few sheets of newspaper into the bottom and light them through the holes. They in turn light the charcoal. It only takes a few more minutes than using fluid, but you get a pile of perfectly evenly glowing briquettes.

At about the same prices as a couple bottles of starter fluid, this baby will pay for itself in half a summer. But the best part is that you'll never have to run to the store for fluid again!

Look for them where they sell charcoal grills, or buy one online.

shown: above, black charcoal starter, $14 at; left, aluminum charcoal starter, $10.95 at

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