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Ever wonder about the folks behind Out of the Frying Pan? Meet Suzanne, Malin & Nikol, your queens of cuisine! Pop in later for profiles from our other writers.

Nikol Lohr

birthplace: La Mirada, California

fav condiments: Mango-habanero salsa, Tico sauce (Salsa Lizano)

fav food: French fries, sushi (not together)

favorite ingredients: shallots, olive oil, lime

food I would only eat if I were starving: Organ means that are anatomically identifiable. I don't mind them in their processed forms, but I don't like having biology class flashbacks. Also olives. I finally decided a few weeks ago to accept that I don't like olives. It's been my secret shame for as long as I can remember. I've choked them down and tried to convince myself I enjoyed them, but I'm now ready to come out of the closet.

favorite food novel/movie: The Man Who Ate Everything. Funny! And of course Like Water for Chocolate, which I read in one sitting and bawled throughout.

fav cocktail: Cosmopolitan (blushes) or any pink cocktail

fav wine: Petite Syrah in summertime, Zinfandel in winter

most exotic thing I've ever eaten: reptiles: rattlesnake, alligator, iguana, although none of them seem particularly exotic anymore. You get a lot of 'em in Texas.

worst kitchen disaster: I've burned, melted, and flambéed countless pans, ruined a million dishes, and burned at least half of the batches of cookies I've ever made.

dinner time: 8:30 or 9

comfort food: Cookies, French fries, lemonade

cooking philosophy: Always try new things. Wing it. And don't be afraid to really screw up. If it's ghastly, you can always throw it out and pretend it never happened.













When she's not in the kitchen, Nikol's also working on Disgruntled Housewife or Smile and Act Nice.

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