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Out of the Frying Pan


Kitchen Conversions and Substitutions can be mystifying. Use these handy charts to take the mystery out of kitchen math.

Equivalents basic kitchen math

Liquid Measure everything from drops to gallons

Dry Measure from teaspoons to cups, ounces to pounds--plus decimal equivalents as a handy grocery store guide to meat and bulk

Eggs and Butter sure you can cut along the little lines on the butter wrapper, but do you know how many eggs make a cup, or the actual difference between medium and jumbo eggs?

Common Ingredients the weight-to-measure equivalents and yields of many common ingredients, including flour, nuts, and sugar

Substitutions play it safe when you need to fudge a little

Join us soon for gadget wars, no-holds-barred battles pitting utensil against utensil to find the champ in each category.

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