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Out of the Frying Pan

Breaux Bridge natives Meesha and Vince (our instructor).

Crawfish Festival Index

Guide to Peeling &
Eating Crawfish

Like most crawfish novices, we were pretty intimidated by that big ol' tray of crawdads. But Vince gave us a how-to lesson that got us peeling like experts.

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With one hand, grasp the crawdad's head. Grasp the tail with your other hand.

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Dead or Alive?
If the tail is curled this means that the crawfish was alive when thrown into the boilin' pot. This is good. If the tail is straight this means the little sucker was dead when cooked. This is bad, for some. Many will turn their nose up at these claiming they are inedible. Others are less discriminating and eat them regardless. The straight-tailed babies aren't dangerous, so do a taste test and decide for yourself.

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