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Good Seafood Book
By Jane Brody
592 pages; $20.63

If you're intimidated by seafood, this is a very enlightening book. The 125-page overview and 43-page glossary are devoted to dissolving your fear of fish, or your "pescaphobia" as Brody likes to call it. The overview provides shopping tips, health benefits, safety strategies, cleaning guidelines and preparation techniques for all types of seafood. Do you want to learn how to shuck oysters? Clean a catfish? Avoid food poisoning? You name it, it's here.

The glossary also provides specifics about commonly encountered seafood. It offers information about peak seasons, nutritional breakdown and characteristics. So if you know you are turned off by the pronounced flavor of certain fish, for example, you'll know what to avoid. Would it surprise you to learn that redfish, channel bass, red drum and spottail bass are all different names for the same fish? Well, Brody also provides aliases of certain fish that often lead to confusion.

Most of the recipes are low in fat. Unfortunately, many of them taste low-fat. Brody frequently admits to revising other people's recipes to eliminate added calories and fat. If you've ever done this, you know that although the result may be passable, it usually tastes as if something is lacking. If you're the type of cook that can tell how something will taste by reading the recipe, you'll find plenty of good, nutritious dishes. If not, you may be disappointed with some of the recipes.

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Report Card
Overall: B-

Illustrations: C
no recipe photos; illustrations of whole fish in glossary
Ease of Use: A-
recipes easy to follow
Practicality: A
loads of information; most recipes dieter-friendly, but many are unexciting
Style: B
a little talky; overview could be condensed

Favorite Recipes:
Baked Salmon with Scallion Potato Topping

Catfish with Many Herbs and Spices



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